The Pros and Cons of Owning a Boat [Downsides & Upsides]

If you’re looking at getting a boat, you may be wondering, what are the pros and cons?

Is a boat worth it? Will you get bored with the boat? Are they hard to maintain?

So many questions, so let’s go over the pros and cons of owning a boat to see if one is right for you and your family!

The Pros

New experiences – When you get a boat, you get to try new things and see new places. Even on your local lakes you have islands, bars, restaurants, water sports and so many new things to try out.

Something for the whole family – The biggest perk of a boat is that the whole family can enjoy it. The kids can play in the water, be pulled on tubes or wakeboards. The spouse can relax, read, or enjoy the time. Then you have a new toy to go exploring after work or the weekend.

Easier and often safer than other toys – Boats are still dangerous, but we can all agree they’re safer than most motorcycles or ATVs. You still get the thrill of going full throttle and playing around, but in open water with very little trees around. Safety precautions should still be had, and you must still follow the laws for boats too!

Tax write off, sort of – Depending on the boat and how you use it, you can write off some things off on your taxes. Not a huge win when you look into it and only worth it for a few, but worth learning about here. I’m not a tax professional, so do your own research.

Perfect for parties – Having a small family reunion, someone’s birthday, or any family get together? A boat is the perfect way to get everyone together and having a good time!

New friends – When you own a boat, you notice quickly how everyone is friendly and waves to you. It’s easy to make friends on a boat, especially at the places you dock while trying new experiences.

Gives you something to do – As I get older I’ve learned that having something, anything out of the boringness and stress of work and life that gives you something to do and look forward too, is a must. A boat will always have something for you, like a place, something to maintain, something to clean, and so much more that it will keep your mind busy and mind off the harshness of life and this crazy world we live in. When I need to clear my head I clean my boat, it’s such a boring and mundane task, but it gets your mind off something else and refreshes you.

Fresh Air – It seems more, and more people are stuck at jobs that keep you inside. Not just desk jobs or work from home jobs, but even factory and other jobs have you locked in a gray building for most of the day. A boat is the opposite of that, it’s fresh air and sun refreshing you and relaxing you.

Just Go! – You can be spontaneous with a boat, especially if you keep it in a slip. If it’s 2PM, and you got nothing better to do, go for a boat ride. I’ve gone to the slip a few times and just sat in my boat just to get away. The boat is the destination and the water and watching people at ramps is just enough entertainment for me.

Rent your boat out – Just like how people can rent their cars out, you can get an app to rent your boat out. Your boat could be making you money when you’re not using it.

Always learning – Boats are not hard to drive, but you need to learn, as it’s not like driving a car. You also be learning new things to maintain and keep the boat going. If you want to keep your mind active and learning new skills, a boat is a great way to go about it.

Easy vacation – Sometimes you can’t get away and go to the beach or whatever vacation spot you like. Sometimes you need to do a staycation and with a boat, it makes it quite good! If anything, it’s better than most vacations, as you don’t need to drive hours away and get to sleep in your own bed at night. Some boats even have beds in them if you need to get away.

The Cons

Boats can be expensive – Let’s just get to the point, a boat can be expensive, especially if you want a new one. There is a boat for every price range, but it just requires looking for them.

There is maintenance – Boats, just like everything else in life, needs maintenance. This is a shocker to a lot of people, as there are more things to do on a boat because of where it operates compared to a car. None of it is hard, just requires someone to do it.

Boats go through gas – It’s harder to spin an impeller through water than it is to roll wheels on a smooth road, and thus boats will use more gas. The faster you want to go the more gas you’ll burn, thus why slow pontoons are so popular, small engine and slow speeds means less money.

You may need a license – Some states are requiring anyone of a certain age to have a boaters license. You most often need to take a test online before you’re legal to operate a boat.

Boats can be dangerous – While not as dangerous as other power sports, a boat still has its dangers. One is an exposed prop that is sharp and spins when the boat is moving. Falling off the boat is dangerous, along with gas fumes in the back. All of this is stuff you need to become aware of and understand when operating your boat. This and more is in your owner’s manual, and why boater safety courses are so important.

Backing up a trailer – If you never backed up a trailer, this can be the most frustrating thing about owning a boat. It’s why many people refuse to own a trailer and will keep their boat in a slip and let them handle everything for them. The trick is practice and taking your time, go when the boat ramps are not busy and keep trying.

Cleaning – Boats need to be cleaned, and it seems no one ever wants to help. Take family out and everyone is gone by the time you start cleaning the junk from the day out. Cleaning a boat is not hard, everything is slick and water comes right off. It’s the cans and other items that people leave behind that is most annoying. Though, cranking up the music and sipping my favorite drink can have a relaxing vibe to it when I need to get away and clean my boat.