Magic Erasers On Boats? [Damaged?]

Using a Magic Eraser on your boat’s gelcoat will be super effective at cleaning your boat, but you must understand that it’s basically wet sanding your boat.

You’re physically removing layers of your gelcoat and not actually cleaning. While it looks cleaner, you’re removing layers of protection from your boat.

It’s because of this that using a Magic Eraser on your boat’s gelcoat and fiberglass should be a last resort. If you do use a Magic Eraser, you need to reapply protectant to the fiberglass gelcoat, or you’ll make the problem worse.

I would use Simple Green and water or any boat cleaner to clean a boat of bad stains before I use a Magic Eraser.

Magic Erasers On Boat Seats

Just like gelcoat/fiberglass of your boat, using a Magic Eraser on your boat seats should be a last resort.

It will “clean” the seats, but that is because it’s removing layers of the vinyl. A Magic Eraser is basically sandpaper, and you’re wet sanding your set when adding water.

The problem with doing it on vinyl seats is that vinyl stretches and wears out quickly and eventually tears. So using a Magic Eraser on older boat seats can be very bad and end up doing more damage.

I would use a vinyl boat seat cleaner (ad) or even Simple Green before I get out the Magic Erasers. The stain would have to be really bad, and I have nothing left to try before I get out the Magic Erasers.

See how I clean the black spots off boat seats here.

Magic Erasers On Windshield and Glass

I’ve never run into the need to use a Magic Eraser on glass on my boats, and I’ve cleaned many boats.

Glass is easy to clean, I clean with Simple Green first and basic window cleaner after rinsing the other cleaners off.

If something is stuck to the glass, I can usually use my fingernail to knock it off or, rarely, carefully use a razor blade to scrape it off.

Magic Erasers have been known to remove hard water stains, and water spots should be no different, from glass as shown in this video by the people make Magic Erasers.

For me, it’s like everything else on the boat, using Magic Erasers will be a last resort for cleaning glass.

Fiberglass Tub Vs. Fiberglass Boat

I get a few people who point out that they use Magic Erasers on fiberglass tubs and have no issues. If boats are made from fiberglass, then why not use them since it’s safe for tubs?

A fiberglass tub is not the same as the fiberglass on your boat.

Your boat has a protective layer, gelcoat and other UV blockers, as it’s exposed to the sun and more harsh water.

Also, it’s the same reason you would not use a Magic eraser on your car’s paint, you should not use it for your boat. You will do more damage than cleaning if you use a Magic Eraser on the body of your boat.

While the damage may not be noticeable on white boats, it’s for sure noticeable and darker or more detailed boats like ski and fishing boats. Either way, the top layer of your gelcoat gets damaged and needs to be repair, or fading will be even worse for your boat if you use a Magic Eraser.

Better Boat – Boat Erasers

There is a company called Better Boat that sells a Boat Eraser that looks a like the Magic Erasers.

The difference is that this is made for boats and holds up a lot better. If you ever used a Magic Eraser before you quickly learn they fall apart after a few minutes of use, while these Boat Erasers hold up a lot longer which is what you want when cleaning a boat.

You can get Boat Erasers here. (ad)

Here is a great video showing off how these Boat Erasers work on boats:

I would still have the Boat Eraser be the last thing I try, and I would still go back over the areas with protectant.